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Testing an application with human interaction is called Manual Testing.

Drawbacks of Manual Testing

(i) Time consuming.

(ii) More resources required.

(iii) Human Errors

(iv) Repetition of the Task is not much

(v) Tiredness

(vi) Simultaneous auctions are not possible (Parallel)

Automation Testing

Testing an application with 3rd Party Software help is called Automation



Testing an application with an Automation Tool is also called as

Automation Testing.

Benefits of Automation Testing:

a) Fast

b) Reliable

c) Repeatable

d) Reusable

e) Comprehensive

f) Programmable.

a) Fast

Automation tool runs tests significantly more faster than human


b) Reliable

Automation tool can perform the same operation each time, if you repeated multiple times, so that we can eliminate human errors.

c) Repeatable

We can check how application or website reacts after repeated the same operation with multiple times.

d) Reusable

Automation scripts are reusable on different version of the application of websites even if the user interfaces changes.

e) Comprehensive

In automation testing we can build a suit of tests that covers every feature in the application or website.

f) Programmable.

We can program sophisticated Tests that bring out hidden information from the application.

Drawbacks of Automation Testing

1) It is expensive

2) We cannot automate all areas.

3) Lack of expertisation.

4) It has some limitations (It cannot test every thing)

Which Software Testing should be automated?

Tests that need to be execute of every build of the application (Sanity Testing)

Tests that use multiple data values (Retesting / Data Drives Testing) Tests that required data from application intimates (G.U.I. Attributes) Load and Stress Testing

Which Software Testing should not be automated?

Usability Testing One time testing

Quick look Tests or A.S.A.P (As soon as possible) Testing Ad-hoc testing / Random Testing

Customers requirement are frequently changing.

Type of Tools

Generally they are (4) Types of tools are available in the market. They are

1) Functional Tools:

QTP, WinRunner, Silktest, Rational Robot, TestPartner, etc.,

2) Performance Tools:

LoadRunner, J-Meter etc.,

3) Test Management Tools:

Quality Center (QC), Test Director.

4) Version Control Tools

VSS (Visual Safe Source), PVCS (Polytron Version Control System) etc.,

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