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7 Stages of QTP Testing Process

QTP Testing Process

7 Stages of QTP Testing Process

1) Planning

o Analyzing the AUT
o Automation Test Plan Generation
o Automation Framework Implementation
o Generating/Selecting Test cases for Automation
o Collecting Test Data
o QTP Tool Settings Configuration

2) Generating Tests

o Recording
o Keyword driven methodology
o Descriptive Programming

3) Enhancing Tests

o Inserting Checkpoints
o Inserting Output values
o Adding Comments
o Synchronization
o Parameterization
o Inserting Flow Control Statements
o Calling User defined functions and/or Reusable Actions
o Generating Steps though Step Generator
o Inserting Transaction Points
o Regular Expressions

4) Debugging Tests

o Debug Commands & Break Points
o Step by step execution
o Watching Variables
o Changing values of variables

5) Running Tests

o Normal Execution
o Batch Execution
o Through AOM Scripting
o Tests Running through framework
o Scheduled Execution

6) Analyzing Results

o QTP Result window
o Defining our own Results
o Exporting Results
o Deleting Results

7) Reporting Defects

o Manual Defect Reporting
o Tool based Defect Reporting
o Working with Quality Center

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