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Keyword Driven Methodology

Keyword Driven Methodology

Keyword-Driven Methodology

By creating our tests with a keyword-driven methodology in mind, our tests become more modular, focusing on the operations to test using both QuickTest built-in keywords and your own user-defined keywords.

Additionally, because it is possible to add objects to the object repository before they exist in an application, it is possible to begin preparing our automated keyword-driven tests even before a software build containing the new objects is available. 

Setting up Object Repositories

In this step, we build one or more object repositories and ensure that all objects have clear names that follow any predetermined naming conventions defined by our organization. 
We can create object repositories using QuickTest functionality to recognize and learn the objects in your application, or we can manually define objects.
By creating and populating shared object repositories that can be associated with multiple actions, we can use the same object repository in multiple tests.

Add (learn) objects from our application.

We instruct QuickTest to learn the objects in our application according to filters that we define.

Ensure that objects in the object repository have names that are easy for application testers to recognize and that follow any established object naming guidelines.

This helps make both test creation and maintenance easier over time.
Configuring QuickTest According to our Testing Needs

After we set up the test automation infrastructure, we need to configure QuickTest to use this infrastructure:

Define your global testing preferences.

We need to specify configuration settings that affect how we create and run tests in general—these settings are not test-specific.

Building our Tests 
We can create tests that are as simple or complex as needed. In general, it is best to create tests and actions that check just one or a few simple functions or complete a transaction rather than creating long tests and actions that perform several complex tasks or that perform many tasks.

We may perform the following tasks when creating tests and test steps:

Create new tests, if needed. To do so, select File > New > Test.

Create the required actions.

Associate our object repositories with the relevant actions
 This enables us to insert steps that perform operations on those objects.

Associate our function libraries with the relevant tests. This enables us to use our special keywords in any of the associated tests.


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